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Microsemi SAS Controllers Configuration Guide

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LibStorageMgmt can manage Arcconf SmartArray via arcconf plugin (libstoragemgmt-arcconf-plugin package). You are also required to install arcconf binary tool from Microsemi website. The arcconf tool is also included in Microsemi maxView Storage Manager tool

Once done, the URI will be:


If you are not using default install patch of arcconf, please use this URI to specify the path:


The following are the steps used by ourselves to get arcconf
We are providing this in the favor of saving your time with NO WARRANTY.
Please contact Microsemi Support instead if you are working on production system.

tar xf msm_linux_x64_v2_04_22665.tgz
sudo yum install -y ./cmdline/rpm/Arcconf-2.04-22665.x86_64.rpm

Above steps were tested on: