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EMC CX/VNX/VMAX Configuration Guide

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The libStorageMgmt can manage EMC CX/VNX/VMAX via SMI-S plugin (libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin package).

EMC is providing a proxy SMI-S provider for storage array management.

Please contact EMC Support to install and configure a SMI-S provider service on your server for your storage arrays.

Once done, you could use one of these URIs in LibStorageMgmt:

# The 'username' is the username used in EMC SMI-S provider.
# The default 'username' is 'admin' and the default password
# is '#1Password'

You can also add “&system=" to filter out unneeded storage arrays like this:

# The 'system_id' could be found via systems() call or
# 'lsmcli list --type SYSTEMS' command.

For ‘SSL error: certificate verify failed’ error, it means libstoragemgmt failed to verify EMC SMI-S providers’ SSL public keys with system wide PKI/x509. Please contact EMC support to setup the self-signed certification.

If you want to ignore the SSL check error which is not suggested, please add no_ssl_verify=yes in your URI, like this:


The following are the steps used by ourselves on EMC SMI-S provider
installation and configuration.
We are providing this in the favor of saving your time with NO WARRANTY.
Please contact EMC Support instead if are working on production system.

sudo yum install glibc.i686 libgcc.i686
sudo ./ -install -smi -64bit
sudo /opt/emc/ECIM/ECOM/bin/ECOM -d
# After press alot of enter, type "addsys"
# Follow the instruction of 'addsys'.
# You need to input both SPA and SPB's management IP address
# During our test, 'addsys' will fail if only one IP defined.
# During out test, 'addsys' will fail if using DNS hostname.

Above steps were tested on: