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IBM DS/XIV/SVC Configuration Guide

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The libStorageMgmt can manage IBM DS/XIV/SVC via SMI-S plugin (libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin package).

IBM DS/XIV/SVC are using embedded SMI-S provider which ran by the storage array itself. Please contact IBM support to enable SMI-S feature.

Once done, the URI is:

# The 'username' is the username of management account of IBM array.
# The 'host' is the ip/host of management port of IBM array.

For ‘SSL error: certificate verify failed’ error, it means LSM failed to verify IBM SMI-S providers’ SSL public keys with system wide PKI/x509. Please contact IBM support to setup the self-signed certification.

If you want to ignore the SSL check error which is not suggested, please add no_ssl_verify=yes in your URI, like this: