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NetApp E-Series Configuration

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The libStorageMgmt can manage NetApp E-Series via SMI-S plugin (libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin package).

NetApp E-Series is using proxy SMI-S provider which require install NetApp E-Series SMI-S provider software on a server. Please contact NetApp support for more detail.

Once done, the URI is:

# The 'username' is the username set in SMI-S provider.
# The 'host' is the ip/host of SMI-S provider server.

For ‘SSL error: certificate verify failed’ error, it means LSM failed to verify NetApp-E SMI-S providers’ SSL public keys with system wide PKI/x509. Please contact NetApp support to setup the self-signed certification.

If you want to ignore the SSL check error which is not suggested, please add no_ssl_verify=yes in your URI, like this:


The following are the steps used by ourselves on NetApp-E SMI-S provider
installation and configuration.
We are providing this in the favor of saving your time with NO WARRANTY.
Please contact NetApp Support instead if are working on production system.

Above steps were tested on: