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Linux Targetd Configuration Guide

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Linux targetd is used to control the Linux LVM volume and LIO iscsi target. Please follow documents in to install and setup on the system that will be providing the storage. If you are using Fedora 19+ or RHEL7+ rpm packages of targetd are included in the standard repositories.

For libStorageMgmt you will need to install the libstoragemgmt-targetd-plugin.noarch package if you didn’t install using the distribution tarball.

Once done, the URI will be:

# The 'username' is the account configured in
# /etc/target/targetd.yaml
# The 'host' is ip/hostname where targetd installed.

The following are the steps used by ourselves for targetd
installation and configuration.
We are providing this in the favor of saving your time with NO WARRANTY.
Please contact Your Linux Support instead if are working on production system.

sudo yum install targetd -y
user: admin
password: redhat
block_pools: [vg_targetd, vg_targetd_thin/ThinPoolLV]
ssl: false
fs_pools: [/home/targetd]
# The fs_pools should contain btrfs mount point.
systemctl enable targetd
systemctl start targetd

Above steps were tested on: